Friday, March 19, 2010

3.5 'Til Infinity

Another awesome rap from the guys who made "oxidate it or love it". Check it out!


  1. We really liked watching this rap. We learned about animals and evolution. We also learned about Charles Darwin and that big book of different species and how they've evolved over time. Evolution began 3.5 billion years ago. animals have slowly changed until to how they are today to adapt to our climate and ecosystem. From Ashley Oviedo and Rachel Alaynick 6C

  2. Ryan Vittetoe and Eitan Frymer

    Eitan and i realy liked this video and we liked how they showed different back rounds to show what they are saying. we thought it was awesome

  3. That was very funny. I enjoyed the part when the bird with the big chin came on. It was to impress the ladybirds if you listend.
    Declan and Luke

  4. I liked this video. It talked about Charles Darwin and his theory. It seems sort of weird that life has been going on from 3.5 million years ago. I thought it was cool that they were on Galapagos Island and that they made this video. I liked that they showed different species in the clip.

  5. I think it was really funny. They used alot of words that i couldn't understand. I think it was about animals and alot of stuff about different species. It was really interesting how they did they video. It was cool. Yo can alo learn big words from it. LOL

  6. i liked this alot because it was funny and
    talked about the lifes creation and the
    way the years there has been life in every second and it will not stop untill the end of time i liked this alot