Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Cool Volcano Links

Cool Bill Nye Video:

Cinder Cone Volcano:

Shield Volcano:

Composite Volcano:


  1. OK, well I really liked how on Bill Nye video, it showed us how the types of volcano erupt, how they form, where hot spots are located, and it can really help people remember where they're formed.

    For the composite, shield, and cinder cone volcano, it tells us facts about the volcanoes and it says where it forms and how it forms. Shows us the different explosions, like one would be really big and some small. So, these videos can really help people about composite volcano, cinder cone volcano, shield volcano, hot spots, divergent boundary, and convergent boundaries.

    Kenny 6C

  2. don't forget to post those raps that we did today (reminder)

  3. I love the valcano Rap
    Mis Davis, your the best teacher sincerly,

    Eitan Frymer

  4. i liked the bill nye video because it was funny
    also because in the video he got to see the lava flow and make new land like in hawaii the land is probaly flowing now to the sea making it steam and expanding the property so that the native have land .
    i also thought the experiments they did was funny