Friday, March 19, 2010

Who was Alfred Nobel?

This guy was rad. Read about him and tell me what you think!


  1. When I learned that Alfred was born in Sweden, it made me think that the reason the winners of the Nobel prizes is decided in Sweden is because he was born there. I thought it was cool that his father was an inventor. When Alfred moved back to Sweden he conducted experiments with nitroglycerine which killed many people. I wonder how he felt... It's cool that he invented dynamite. In his will he wrote that he wanted his fortune to prizes for physics, chemistry ,phsiology or medicine, literature, and peace. I never knew there were so many categories. Reading about his life was really interesting.

  2. i had learn and took note on what i learn here it is
    alfreds fathere was a engineer and a invetor
    and had 2 brothers named robert and ludvig
    Alfred was most interested in literature,
    chemistry and physics bad for alfreds dad and they
    moved back to sweden.then alfred tried using
    nitroglycerine as an explosive and sadly killed
    his brother.
    this was sad for me to read but really exciding to read i am happy that i have learn more about alfred