Thursday, March 4, 2010

Build a Seismograph 2010

The Seismograph project was, again, a huge success. The kids had great ideas. I have to admit, this is the first time I've ever had a student design a life-size seismograph. Totally creative little folks. Well done 6th grade!

The results are in.


  1. Wow! The seismographs are really fascinating! I had only seen the ones in 6C, and those ones were really cool. After looking on here, I've seen so many unique seismographs. The one that Anna was next to was really unique and cool! All of the others had something like a marble or pen, but that one was completely different. It was tall with a cup and a big splotch on a the piece of paper underneath it. I wish I could have seen how it worked, but it was really cool it also just look at it! Seismographs measure the strength of an earthquake, and it looked like all of the seismographs built had been successful. This activity was so fun, I was glad to be able to participate in it and see all the other seismographs!

  2. Rachel I agree. Anna's is really cool. I like how it is super tall. It's probably the biggest made in the 6th grade. Brianna had a good idea too. I liked the marble idea. Morgan had an awesome one. I liked the eater idea. Each of our seismographs measured things differently. The project was cool.

  3. The siesmographs work. Mine was really plain, but Rachels had something really cool. The paint and it slso shows measurements with 2 stuff. That was really impressive. So, the seismographs were really successful. The seismographs shows the strength of an earthquake. So, ya can't wait to see more.