Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seismic Waves Activity

Students participated in a number of events to simulate the motion and detection of seismic waves. Thank you to Mr. B who came to teach 6A! It was lots of fun!


  1. i liked the surface waves because it mr.B showed us a another way to show a example of surface waves and how it goes on and on and on like the video where the students go in circles and crcles

  2. We learned a lot from this video. We learned that surface waves are the slowest and most dangerous of all the seismic waves. Plus, we saw 6A dancing crazily, which we thought was funny/educational too. We learned primary waves cause particles to move with the wave...the dance to demonstrate that was pretty cool and will help us remember that fact. We really liked this video and the fun of doing it! From Ashley Oviedo and Rachel Alaynick 6C

  3. I learned that the primary waves are the most dangerous ones and the slowest wave. I think it was the surface waves that were the fastest. Some waves can travel through liquids and solids, some can't. The videos were really funny, they were like dancing! So, I learned alot about the different kinds of waves. I can't wait to do an activiy like this again.