Monday, September 28, 2009

Try Your Hand at Forecasting!

Web Weather for Kids:

Cool site! You can explore the different categories and learn more about dangerous weather!

Make sure you check out your skills at forecasting!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading the section on hurricanes. The eye of the hurricane is the safest part of it, but it's in the very center of the storm. I learned that hurricanes cause a lot of distruction and are very strong. Hurricanes can cause heavy winds, a storm surge, high winds, and even tornadoes. I looked at the pictures of the impacts of hurricanes, and they definately caused some serious problems! Areas were flooded and torn apart. The winds are so strong, that pieces of wood can slice through tree trunks. Hurricanes occur near the coast. Hurricanes start on the ocean with winds going around and around at speeds of 75-200 miles per hour. Hurricanes last for over a week and move 10-20 miles per hour over open ocean. Once a hurricane has formed, it pushes seawater over open land, flooding it. High winds and rains are part of a hurricane too, and they tear and destroy anything possible. If a hurricane is predicted, all the precautions should be taken because the hurricane will come and destroy anything in it's path. I really loved reading this article and it's inspired me to read more about natural disasters and hurricanes! From, Rachel Alaynick 6C