Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quiz Your Noodle: How Much Do You Know About Water???

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  1. My name is Erendira Ortiz-Zarate 6b.I learned that 80% of earth is covered with water!Did you know that the average human uses 100 gallons of water a day?The driest continent on earth is Antartica.I was just reminded from a lesson in science at my old school that rainfall is reproduced over and over again!Humans can't live without at least three sips of water.90% of ocean life can be found at the shallow end of the beach.Only 1%percent of water you can drink,the rest of the water is fozen in a glacier or it is just salt water yuch!You can also learn from this that sewers,farms,and street pollution pollute the waters of earth.Did you know there were mountians in the ocean?It is just as weird as finding out about undrewater volcanoes.Water is everywhere!It is in the air!It is on land and in the sky!This article has helped me learn so much about water!

  2. I learned that 80% of the world is water! That may be a lot of water, but not all of it is drinkable. Only 1% of the water is clean enough to be drunk. The rest of the water on the earth is tainted or is too salty. water is everywhere. Water is in the air, above land, and even underground. The water in the air is still evaporating, so we're probably not going too drown! Did you know there are mountains underground and in water? In the ocean, you could find a bunch of underground mountains and coral reefs. There are even underground volcanoes in the ocean that help create coral reefs! Did you know that there's such a thing as water pollution? Farms, sewers, and street runoff contribute a lot to water pollution. Rainwater is actually not new water. It's part of the water cycle! The water eveporates, and then it becomes rainwater! I really loved taking this quiz. I learned so much from it, and when i took the quiz again, I got 100%! From, Rachel Alaynick 6C