Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wegener's Theory of Continental Drift

1. Continental Drift Information
Link #1 will take you to the online information for Continental Drift. Read the information carefully with your shoulder partner! Feel free to take notes!

2. Google Docs Activity
Link #2 will take you to the online activity/quiz regarding the information you just read. When you fill out your activity, remember:
  • Add the names of all people in your group!
  • You must hit submit at the bottom of the quiz in order for your information to be added to our class data. If you are unclear on how to do this in class, please raise your hand!


  1. i liked it a lot better than writing.

  2. it was fun learning about Pangaea i always heard about the Earth being puzzle pieces but i never saw them all together and it's interesting how it moves each year.

    -'.'-Brenda 6c

  3. Great! I'm so glad you liked it. What do you think of the idea of collecting data using google docs and utilizing a spreadsheet?

  4. I think his theory was very interesting . How all the continents were all the together at one point.

  5. hi ms. davis i thought this was really fun in class thank u for all the activity like this u let u do!

    -jade may!