Saturday, March 7, 2009

Science to the Extreme


  1. I really learned a lot about how to build an aquarium. I liked this because I learned about a lot of different animals that like in the water.
    -Jennifer, 6A

  2. this video was interesting i should of used it for my science project it would help a lot.Now i know how to build an aquarium.

  3. We love this blog! It's full of such interesting things that we find ourselves checking it often! We loved this website... thank-you Ms. Davis!
    -Mr. Brian and Mrs. Nina-

  4. Hi Mr. Brian and Ms. Nina! I'm so glad to see we have some paras checking out our blog too! Keep checking back and leaving us comments.

  5. wow that video was weird and it's odd that a sea cucumber breathes through its rear end (butt) and not through its nose if it has one

  6. OMG this is so cool to learn all about this stuff virtually!!

    I love this new experience!!

    We should have a link for virtual disection!!

    Alyssa 6a