Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Volcano Links

Check out these great volcano links!

Volcano World

Quiz Your Noodle: Volcanoes

Savage Earth: Out of the Inferno


  1. i learned alot from this post i learned that the tallest volcano in the world is in the one near hawaii. the quiz was alot of fun!

    Ryan Vittetoe

  2. Erendira (from 6B) says, This was the coolest thing ever!Did you know there are 1900 volcanoes right now?I sure didn't!Its funny to think that the name volcano came from Star Trek.I guessed that it was the god Vulcan!I was right!I wasn't shocked to know that the tallest volcano on earth was on Hawaii!There are so many there,I figured they'd break a record!

  3. I wonder why volcanoes are named after the god Vulcan. It's cool that the largest volcano is 30,000 feet high. I think it is cool that there are volcanoes under water, why the Pacific Ocean? The first time I took the quiz I learned a lot. Why do volcanoes erupt things other than lava sometimes?