Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Take the Online Science Survey Here!

Click here to take the survey!


  1. This survey jogged my memory about everything I had learned in science. It helped me remember that sedimentary rocks are formed by melting and cooling, we should ALWAYS repeat experiments to make sure we get the correct answer, and that erosion wears away surface materials and deposition deposits materials. I also got to write about my science project! It helped to review what I was doing and even encouraged me to look up some more research about my project. Rocks are not interesting to me, and I probably would have forgotten everything about them if this didn't refresh my memory. Metamorphic rocks are tightly compacted, shiny, and have thin layers. I can't believe I almost forgot that! I really loved taking this survey and coming up with my own question.

  2. Hey Rachel! I'm so glad you liked taking the survey!