Monday, October 26, 2009

Supergoo to the Rescue!

Read the article and weigh in!


  1. I cant believe sodium polyacrylate can hold so much water and after it looks realy cool we should do a lab on that.

  2. I think it's really interesting how such small crystals, can do such big things! The sodium polyacrylate is really small, but can absorb over hundreds of it's amount of weight. After the polyacrylate absorbs the liquid (of any kind), it forms a sticky goo. Polyacrylate is used in diapers, and after they aborb the liquid, that's why they get so heavy! Did you know that they can now use polyacrylate to clean up after a terrorist attack! The attack involved a dirty bomb. A dirty bomb emitts a cloud of radioactive gas. When a dirty bomb goes off, polyacrylate can be sprayed on to walls. When it peels off, the radioactive material will too! I really enjoyed reading this article