Monday, June 8, 2009

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

Per our classroom discussion today, I was checking out this interactive periodic table once again. It's worth checking out, if for no other reasons than, a) you will be exposed to all knowledge yet to come, 6th graders; and b) you will obtain a wealth of new "nickel knowledge", or tidbits to share when you feel like it. I learned tonight that plutonium was the fissile material (meaning the material they used to set it off) during the first testing of an atom bomb. Who knew? Anyway, check it out and weigh in. Lots of cool stuff.


  1. this would good for if u had a project on the perodic table it tells u alot of good info!!!
    its sooo cool!

  2. this is cool, because you can do research, look at pics, and watch videos of the elements.