Monday, May 18, 2009

USGS Site--Check this Out!!!

Hey everyone,

Remember how I mentioned how you can observe recent earthquake activity? Here's the link that will take you to the information regarding yesterday's earthquake.

Once you've checked this out, look on this link here to find the "Did you feel it" survey. This is the survey that I was talking can go in and fill out what your experience was. Note: you will have to click on where it says "did you feel it?--tell us!" Fill it out! Check it out and weigh in!


  1. thats is soo cool i would of never check that site besides i didnt even know there was a site for that. Also i wonder if anyone in 6th grade had there seismograph ready it would of been intresting to see how it really works without shaking the desk by hand

  2. i did't know about sites like this untill today. this site is really cool

  3. this site is oool i actually don't go to this one for earthquakes i go to another one that shows the earthquakes right after they hit and how bad it was right away it's like this one only different but i might switch to this one

  4. Oh MY GOSH ! this site is so awesome i actually did not feel any of the earthquakes !!!! Now i can see the earthquakes i dont feel !