Friday, May 29, 2009

Philadelphia Vows to be the "Greenest" City...

Check out these links to learn what Philadelphia is doing to lessen the impact of waste on the environment. Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia is working hard with his city to make this happen. Read these and weigh in! Solar trash compactors are one way. What are some other ways?


  1. nutter is a funny name and i think its great what there doing to philidelphia i have been there but i was only there for an hour in an airport so i didnt see out side i hope our whole country will be green!!

  2. Ha! I know, Ronnie! I thought the same thing--it is a funny name. I agree, I think it's totally cool that they are committed to trying something different. Looking forward to the gig on Friday, June 5th!

  3. that's so cool i think the whole worl should do that

  4. Oh well we need to get california like that!!!!

    Me and my mom were talking about if someone were to find out how to make 100% recycled paper so when we recycle it we dont need to use the trees!! (ALyssa)

    ----Alysssa and Sthefany