Wednesday, March 4, 2009

...Tiny Crystals Called "Sodium Polyacrylate". Sodium Poly-whaaa?


  1. This stuff is crazy cool! Hard to believe that something used in everyday life (like the chemicals in diapers to help hold moisture) might some day serve to clean up toxic chemicals!

  2. Wow this arcticle is so interesting who knew that such minerals could clean up totix chemicals the mineral that are so non toxic you could eat some of there formulas.Wow that so cool how such material from a diaper could be used for cleaning up readit this is so crazy how they used such material!!!
    -Jocelynn Aguilar,6C

  3. this is cool but at the same time really grosse

  4. that is awesome!!
    but pretty gross
    i like

    David was here :p